Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Classic Dinsey Art

 I just reconnected with one of my favorite books from my childhood. It's  missing a cover and a few pages, been drawn in and of course is torn throughout. Even after all the abuse I still find the book mesmerizing to look through. Not only does it bring back warm and fuzzy childhood memories, the artwork is enchanting.

 My little-love's favorite princess {of the day, anyway} is Snow White. And, since I am still able to style her bedroom without objection I took advantage of the situation. {I'm also going to do something with this super cute Easter Bunny for Easter}.

I cut out some full page images with text, bought some cheap white frames, added some paper lace trim to make up for the size difference, and voila!

I also cut out these images of Mother Goose and a poem of Jack and Jill (featuring Mickey and Minnie) to put over our book rack in the hallway between the girls' bedroom. I need more wall space to display all the pages from this book. These Disney storybook artists are so stinkin' talented!

An Un-Birthday Gift

 I found these two beauties at our favorite local flea market. I was going hold onto them until my mom's birthday, but then I decided it is perfectly OK to give a gift outside of the realm of birthday, Christmas or Mother's Day. And it felt good. So, the lesson of the day is to give a gift for no good reason. It will make you and someone else smile!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Art Show Party

Between holiday gatherings and birthday parties it sometimes feels like you are throwing some kind of shindig every other month. Why not throw another one? It may seem a bit sadistic but is well worth it. This Art Show Party was born from wanting to have a gathering that did not revolve around presents.

Each invitation went out with some *art cards* where the artists could put their names, the title of their masterpiece and their age.

Each artist wore a pin identifying them as an artist, in case there was any confusion. {I was a little concerned about party crashers}

These flowers were fun and easy to make. They were used for the *artist* pins and garlands. After the Art Show was over I hung them in the girls' rooms where they look positively fabulous.

{the flower garlands}

The Art was displayed on black presentation boards with black hand-painted wooden clothespins. {hand-painted by my amazing mother}. There was also this fantastic ocean piece created by two sisters ages 6 and 8. I just love the curling ocean wave at the top!

 These doodles were put out with markers as an activity for the kiddos.

Of course, I couldn't resist making cute little food sticks. Now, you must know the garden/bird/flower inspiration for the invitation and decor came from a Mother's Day gift I received from my girls...

This beautiful bird bath from the Smith + Hawken collection at Target. It will never fulfill its destiny as a bird bath. It will only ever be used to serve hors d'oevres in this house. In fact, one of the moms at the Art Show went and got one for her and her mom right after the Art Show {they don't have any intention of using theirs as bird baths either}.

Even though I love, love, love my birth bath, I think my favorite piece of decor at the Art Show were these hand picked flowers from our garden my little kiddos.