Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thank You! Notes

I tend to be old fashioned/traditional in many ways and one those ways is with hand-written thank you notes. These cards were made from left-over punches used for the party along with some super-cute, blank, scalloped raffle tickets with a hand-written "Thank You!" They were adhered onto blank, colorful notecards with foam dots. So far I have written about half of them, delivered three of them, and really need to get back to finishing them. {One problem with being traditional is that it can be a really slow process}

A Few More Under the Big Top

The "Boss" and the "Mrs" getting dressed up.
 This little-love apparently didn't like the hat selection and had to go out to the garage and get her own hat to dress-up in. What a character.
 The big kids had as much fun as the little kids.
 I just love this shot!
 Another shot of the candy table. {pictures of candy can never be too redundant}
 A close-up of the jar labels. A 3" round punch and a 2" round scalloped punch were used and layered with foam dots.
 These two spent an awful lot of time at the candy table. "They" say the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach...
...if that smile isn't proof, I don't know what is.
 Someone can't wait to eat cake!
 This is a cool shot of the rain clouds over the Big Top tent. We were so, so lucky that the rain clouds just lingered overhead and waited to pour until after everyone had left. Also, a BIG thank you to my good friend Christina who had my camera for the whole party and took all these fabulous pictures {while keeping an eye on her little fella}.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Under the Big Top

There was a big celebration for our little two year old...
The circus wallpaper was desinged by the owner of Paris to Moon {sadly, no longer open} one of my very favorite stores. I curled the paper back inside a gorgeous gold frame from my Bapa's studio to look like opening curtains then added ric rac and a glitzed out "2" {hard to see the glitz}.
Embellies for the lollies.

I used another frame from my Bapa's studio and attached ribbon, ric rac and more cutouts that were used for the cupcake toppers and candy jar labels.
We set out some vintage suitcases filled with hats, scarves, fabric remnants and of course adhesive mustaches! I used yet another frame from my Bapa's studio and attached polka Dot frabric for drapes.
Our party guests really got into it!
So did the host and hostess.
This little-love had a chocolate dipped marshmallow in her hand every time I turned around. I took them away from her something like 4 times...but, nobody could resist her requests for more. The AMAZING thing is that she didn't get one single smudge of chocolate on her mostly white outfit.
Even the fairies in our garden were celebrating.
The "boss" enjoyed the party more than anyone. Because, even though it was her little sister's birthday, she was pretty sure the party was for her.