Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Don't you just love Easter?

Easter is my favorite holiday of the year. I just can't resist sweet, little baby bunnies, lambs, ducks, chicks and all the decor/art designed around them. MarthaStewart.com has some beautiful, DIY crafts {of course}.
This Easter Tree is my favorite...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Getting Ready for Easter

We have this fun tradition in my family on Easter after we've eaten brunch and are too stuffed to leave the table. We each pick a colored, hard boiled egg. Two people start by hitting their eggs together. The person whose egg doesn't crack gets to move to the next person and so on. The un-cracked egg left standing is the winner. Every year we think we know the trick to hitting the egg just right, and every year our theories go out the window. When I was little my grandmother (BB) and I made dressed-up egg cups and hats for the eggs. Last year I noticed that there weren't any left and it made me sad.  I decided it was time to make new ones. I started making new *outfits* right away and felt really good because I was a whole year ahead of schedule {although, I only made three and have 8 more to make}.
The original hats that I made with my BB started as little styrofoam cups. We put them in the oven on low heat, just enough to start melting into the cutest little hats perfect for the eggs. Several years ago we discovered that melting styrofoam is toxic...oops. I haven't thought of an alternative yet. But, I have a couple of weeks still.

 Luckily I always have a stash of empty toilet paper rolls for times like this. I got out all my supplies: paper, ribbon, gems, scissors, craft knife, glue dots and M&M's {to eat, not for embellishing the egg cups}. This project is great for enlisting the help of little kiddos {or to take pictures of this craft}.
This really is a fun and easy project and can be used year after year. Now...I just need to figure out those hats...